van der Marel K, et al. Reduced Patient Radiation Exposure During Neurodiagnostic And Interventional X-Ray Angiography With A New Imaging Platform. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2017 Mar;38(3):442-449.

We evaluated patient doses from an x-ray imaging platform with radiation dose–reduction technology, which combined image noise reduction, motion correction, and contrast-dependent temporal averaging with optimized x-ray exposure settings. A total of 1238 neurointerventional cases were included, of which 914 and 324 were performed on the reference and dose-reduction platforms, respectively. Over all diagnostic and neurointerventional procedures, the cumulative dose-area product was significantly reduced by 53.2% (mean reduction, 160.3 Gy × cm2; P < .0001), fluoroscopy duration was marginally significantly increased (mean increase, 5.2 minutes; P = .0491), and contrast volume was nonsignificantly increased (mean increase, 15.3 mL; P = .1616) with the dose-reduction platform.

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