Sailer AM, Vergoossen L, Paulis L, et al. Personalized Feedback on Staff Dose in Fluoroscopy-Guided Interventions: A New Era in Radiation Dose Monitoring. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2017;40:1756–1762.

Therefore, we designed and implemented a personalized feedback of procedure and personal doses for medical staff involved in fluoroscopy-guided interventions. Personalized feedback was scored valuable by 76% of the staff and increased radiation dose awareness for 71%. 57 and 52% reported an increased feeling of occupational safety and changing their behavior because of personalized feedback, respectively. For technicians, the normalized dose was significantly lower in the feedback phase compared to the prefeedback phase: [median (IQR) normalized dose (phase 1) 0.12 (0.04–0.50) µSv/Gy cm2 versus (phase 2) 0.08 (0.02–0.24) µSv/Gy cm2, p = 0.002].