Rogers DPS, England F, Lozhkin K, et al. Improving safety in the electrophysiology laboratory using a simple radiation dose reduction strategy: a study of 1007 radiofrequency ablation procedures. Heart. 2011;97(5):366-370.

To assess the effects of radiation dose reduction manoeuvres (DRM) during radiofrequency ablation (RFA) procedures. Over a 39-month period, 1007 ablation procedures were performed (631 simple, 376 complex). Radiation dose was significantly reduced after DRM for both simple (20.4±26.9 Gycm2 vs 8.0±10.3 Gycm2, p<0.00001) and complex ablations (63.3±50.1 Gycm2 vs 32.8±31.7 Gycm2, p<0.00001) with no difference in screening times. The mean lifetime risk of fatal cancer attributable to radiation exposure per million procedures was reduced from 182 to 68 for simple ablations and from 440 to 155 for complex ablations.