Patel C, Grossman M, Shabanova V, Asnes J. Reducing Radiation Exposure in Cardiac Catheterizations for Congenital Heart Disease. Pediatr Cardiol. 2019 Mar;40(3):638-649.

Ionizing radiation exposure is a necessary risk entailed during congenital cardiac catheterizations. The congenital catheterization lab at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital employed quality improvement strategies to minimize radiation exposure in this vulnerable population. In two phases, we implemented six interventions, which included adding and utilizing lower fluoroscopy and digital angiography (DA) doses, increasing staff and physician radiation awareness, focusing on tighter collimation, and changing the default fluoroscopy and DA doses to lower settings. Post-intervention data were collected prospectively for all procedures in the congenital catheterization lab and compared to pre-intervention radiation data collected retrospectively.

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