Kuon E, Weitmann K, Hoffmann W, et al. Role Of Experience, Leadership And Individual Protection In The Cath Lab – A Multicenter Questionnaire And Workshop On Radiation Safety. Rofo. 2015 Oct;187(10):899-905.

Radiation exposure in invasive cardiology remains considerable. We evaluated the acceptance of radiation protective devices and the role of operator experience, team leadership, and technical equipment in radiation safety efforts in the clinical routine. Mini-course participants achieved significant median decreases in patient dose area products (DAP: from 26.6 to 13.0 Gy × cm2), number of radiographic frames (– 29 %) and runs (– 18 %), radiographic DAP/frame (– 32 %), fluoroscopic DAP/s (– 39 %), and fluoroscopy time (– 16 %).

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