Khoury H, Garzon W, Andrade G, et al. Radiation exposure to patients and medical staff in hepatic chemoembolisation interventional procedures in Recife, Brazil. Radiat Protect Dosimetry. 2015 Jul;165(1-4):263-267.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate patient and medical staff absorbed doses received from transarterial chemoembolisation of hepatocellularcarcinoma, which is the most common primary liver tumour worldwide. The results showed that the mean value of the total PKA was 267.49, 403.83 and 479.74 Gycm2 for Hospitals A, B and C, respectively. With regard to the physicians, the average effective dose per procedurewas 17 mSv, and the minimum and maximum values recorded were 1 and 41 mSy, respectively. The results showed that the feet received the highest doses followed by the hands and lens of the eye, since the physicians did not use leaded glasses and the equipment had no lead curtain.

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