Kar S, Taleb M, Albaghdadi A, et al. Efficacy of Low Dose Compared With Standard Dose Radiation for Cardiac Catheterization and Intervention. J Invasive Cardiol. 2019 Jun;31(6):187-194.

We evaluated the efficacy of low-dose (LD) radiation (≤7.5 frames/second [f/s]) compared with standard-dose (SD) radiation (≥10 f/s) in cardiac catheterization (CC) and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Compared with SD radiation, LD radiation was associated with a significant reduction in air kerma, DAP , and contrast use (100 mL [IQR, 60-150 mL] vs 115 mL [IQR, 80-180 mL]; P<.03). No difference in fluoroscopy time was noted (13.33 min.