Hill KD, Carboni MP, Doyle TP, et al. Variability in Radiation Dose and Image Quality: A Comparison Across Fluoroscopy-system Vendors and Generations of Equipment. Circulation. 2016 Nov 11;134(suppl_1):A12670.

To evaluate differences in radiation dose and image quality across institutions, fluoroscope vendors and generations of fluoroscopes for pediatric cardiac catheterization. There is currently little understanding of variability in the dose-image quality relationship across institutions, fluoroscope vendor and/or generation of equipment. We evaluated latest generation fluoroscopes from Phillips, Siemens, GE, and Toshiba, and an older generation Phillips fluoroscope (release date 2003) at three different institutions. Radiation dose was measured using an anthropomorphic dose-assessment phantom with effective dose in mSv estimated from Monte Carlo simulations. Image quality phantom images were scored on a 12-point scale by three blinded reviewers.

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