Guo P, Qiu J, Wang Y, et al. Zero-Fluoroscopy Permanent Pacemaker Implantation Using Ensite NavX System: Clinical Viability or Fanciful Technique? Pacing Clin Electrophysiol. 2018 Feb;41(2):122–127.

Our aim is to evaluate the feasibility and safety of permanent pacemaker implantation without fluoroscopy. Total implantation procedure time for single‐chamber pacemaker was 51.3 ± 13.1 minutes in the zero‐fluoroscopy group and 42.6 ± 7.4 minutes in the fluoroscopy group (P = 0.155). The implantation procedural time for a dual‐chamber pacemaker was 88.3 ± 19.6 minutes and 67.3 ± 7.6 minutes in the zero‐fluoroscopy and fluoroscopy groups (P = 0.013), respectively. No complications were observed during the procedure and the follow‐up in the two groups, and all pacemakers worked with satisfactory parameters.