Borota L, Jangland L, Åslund P, et al. Spot fluoroscopy: a novel innovative approach to reduce radiation dose in neurointerventional procedures. Acta Radiol. 2017 May;58(5):600-608.

To evaluate the effect of SF on the radiation dose. The use of SF led to a reduction of 50% of the total fluoroscopic dose-area product (CF = 106.21 Gycm2, SD = 99.06 Gycm2 versus SF = 51.80 Gycm2, SD = 21.03 Gycm2, p = 0.003884) and significant reduction of the total fluoroscopic dose-area product rate (CF = 1.42 Gycm2/min, SD = 0.57 Gycm2/s versus SF = 0.83 Gycm2/min, SD = 0.37 Gycm2/min, p = 0.00106). The use of SF did not lead to an increase in fluoroscopy time or an increase in total fluoroscopic cumulative air kerma, regardless of collimation.

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